Marshalls Creek Boardwalk

Connecting Ocean Shores to the ocean.

Marshalls Creek Boardwalk Aerial View

A proposal for a direct, flat, off-road walking and cycling route connecting Ocean Shores to New Brighton and Brunswick Heads.

Overview map


Encourages people to get some fresh air and exercise by walking, riding or skating instead of driving.


Provides a separated off-road route between Ocean Shores and New Brighton without having to navigate dangerous roads and narrow verges.


Enables short trips to the beach and shops without driving, reducing traffic, carbon emissions and need for parking.

The Proposal

Why a boardwalk?

Ironically Ocean Shores is disconnected from the ocean.  If you want to walk or ride to the beach, you need to climb a very steep hill along a narrow verge with no footpath.  This means almost everyone in Ocean Shores gets in their car to go to the beach even though it’s only hundreds of metres away in a straight line.

Similarly, residents of New Brighton and South Golden Beach are forced to drive to the Ocean Shores shopping centre even though it’s only a few kilometres away.

Here are ten reasons for building the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk.


Initial Goals

In addition to generating community support, the first major milestone to achieve this great project is to receive government funding for a preliminary design and feasibility for Stage 1 of the boardwalk. This will move towards the project being ‘shovel ready’ which means it is eligible to receive grants to build and realise this community asset.

Boardwalk Stage 1

This will create a direct route from the Council-owned vacant lot at 150 Orana Rd to the eastern end of Bindaree Way. The path will then continue behind the shopping centre to the Ocean Shores Tavern. This will result in a safe, accessible off-road connection that avoids the steep hill over Yengarie Way and Orana Rd where there are no footpaths and often no verge.

Boardwalk Stage 2

This will continue from the Ocean Shores Tavern along the western shore of Marshalls Creek via the oyster farm to the Brunswick River Picnic Area.  This completes the connection to Brunswick Heads via the Oyster Lease Rd and existing shared path across the Brunswick River.

More Information


Check out similar boardwalks through wetlands in NSW and Australia, including national parks.


Detailed maps of the proposed boardwalks and connecting paths.


Photos of the proposed route and similar boardwalks.


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Support the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk

With Council elections in September 2024 and a Federal election due in the first half of 2025, now is the time to let local politicians know that you support this project.