Ten Reasons to build the Marshalls Creek Boardawalk

1. It connects Ocean Shores to the beach

Residents of South Ocean Shores will have a safe, off-road and flat route to walk or ride to the beach at New Brighton

2. It connects New Brighton and South Golden Beach to the shopping centre

Residents of New Brighton and South Golden Beach will have a safe, off-road and flat route to walk or ride to the Ocean Shores 

3. The Ocean Shores area has been ignored by politicians for decades

The Ocean Shores area (including New Brighton, South Golden Beach and Billinudgel) has one of the largest populations in Byron Shire but council rarely invests any money in our towns, especially when it comes to footpaths and cycleways. It’s time to let our politicians know — at local, state and federal level — that it’s time put some money into Ocean Shores. There is a council election in September 2024 and a federal election due by mid-2025.

4. This route has been part of the Byron Shire Bike and Pedestrian Plan since 2019

The Byron Shire Bike Plan and Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan both include all the components of the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk with preliminary costings.

5. It's a perfect project for Council's Ocean Shores Place Plan

In February 2024 Byron Shire Council resolved to support aPlace Plan for Ocean Shores, New Brighton and South Golden Beach. According to Council the place plan will include a 20 year vision, set of principles, and priority actions.

These actions may be related to themes such as:
· place making (for example streetscape upgrades)
· transport and accessibility (for all modes such as pedestrians, cyclists, buses)

The Marshalls Creek Boardwalk ticks all these boxes by connecting the three communities with a safe, flat, off-road pathway.

6. It takes cars off our roads

Our local roads are always in need of repair, and every person or rides or walks is one less person in a car, reducing the impact on our roads.

7. It reduces the need for parking at the shopping centre and the beach

It’s becoming harder to park at the Ocean Shores shopping centre and Council recently asked the community about expanding parking at New Brighton. The Marshalls Creek Boardwalk makes walking or riding a much more viable alternative to driving, and every person who walks and rides means one less parking spot is required at the shopping centre or beach.

8. It promotes a healthy active lifestyle

We all need to get more exercise and we are more likely to walk or ride if there is a safe, flat and pleasant route available. 

9. It connects us to nature on our regular trip to the beach or shops

A daily dose of nature is great for our mental health and being, and there is none better than the gorgeous forest of Bangalow palms, native hibiscus and mangroves that line Marshalls Creek. 

10. It reduces carbon emissions

We all know it’s getting hotter, and in our area we are acutely away of the risks of flooding and sea level rise.  Every time we walk or ride to the beach or shops means one fewer trip in a car, and a reduction in carbon emissions.

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