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Help us make the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk a reality

The Ocean Shores area has been ignored by politicians for decades.  While Byron Bay and other towns in the shire have seen major upgrades to their cycleway and footpath networks, very little has changed in Ocean Shores.  Many of our roads don’t have footpaths, including all of Orana Rd, which is the main link between Ocean Shores and the beach.

The council election is coming up in September 2024 and a federal election is due in the first half of 2025. Now is the time to let our politicians know that doing something positive for Ocean Shores is long overdue.

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Write to Byron Shire Councillors

Let your councillors and council candidates know that you support the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk and that it’s time to invest in Ocean Shores.

Write to Federal MPs and Candidates

The seat of Richmond will be hotly contested in the next federal election due by mid-2025.  Let Justine Elliott and Mandy Nolan know that funding the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk will help swing your vote.

Why is this project worth supporting?

This image captures the reality of getting around Ocean Shores on foot or bike.  Pushing a bike uphill on a road with no footpath.

Sustainable alternative to driving

Climate change is here, and private cars are a growing source of carbon emissions.  We need every opportunity to get around our neighbourhoods by walking, riding or skating instead of always getting in the car.  Every person who chooses not to drive to the beach or shops reduces traffic on our roads, and requires one less parking space.

A safe, off-road route that avoids hills

Everyone who lives in Ocean Shores knows there are two big impediments to walking and cycling; the lack of safe, off-road footpaths and the hilly terrain.  The Marshalls Creek boardwalk will create a flat, off-road connection between the beach and the shops that’s safe for all ages and abilities.

Health and well-being

Life today is busy and stressful.  We all need more exercise.  We all need more opportunities to connect with nature.  The Marshalls Creek Boardwalk will create a brief respite from our busy lives amongst the stunning mangroves and wetlands, while getting some much needed exercise.