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Does Byron Shire Council support the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk?

Both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk have been part of Byron Shire Council’s Bike Plan and Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plan (PAMP) since 2019.

This boardwalk route traverses National Parks land, so would it be allowed?

Numerous examples of boardwalks in NPWS land including Nature Reserves exist in NSW such as the mangrove walk in the Cullendulla Creek Nature Reserve.  This raised boardwalk  threads through the marine park sanctuary zone of Cullendulla Creek.

There are many other examples of wetland boardwalks around NSW and Australia.

The Marshalls Creek route comprises sensitive estaurine environments. How can I be sure that the project will not harm the environment? What is the process?

The first step in the process is for a feasibility study to be undertaken to assess, across various criteria, whether the project is likely to result in postive community and enviromental outcomes, as well as it being financially justified.

This detailed assessment would assess the route options, the various ecological communities such as mangroves etc, and identify the best path. The assessment would also consider the views of stakeholders such as the local indigenous community members, neighbours and potential users.

This assesment would assess alternatives such as not proceeding and the consequences of such. In this case cyclists and pedestrians would continue to use the steep busy street route with its lack of footpaths and safety concerns.

If the feasibility study resulted in a recommended route, the project could proceed to the next step which is to gain approval for the construction of the project.

Once this is achieved, the project becomes ‘shovel ready’ and is eligible for state or federal funding to build it.

Even though this route is the top priority for Ocean Shores in the Council-adopted Byron Shire Bike Plan, Council does not have funds to build it.

Yes, the route is known as OS001. Most projects such as this are funded by grants from the state or federal governments.

As an example, this boardwalk – the Huskisson Mangrove Boardwalk – was recently completed with a $2.5m grant from the NSW government.

The way to realise the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk is, as a start, for the community to demonstrate its support for the concept to be investigated. As a first step funding is needed for the feasibility study which answers the current unknowns about the project.

While Council may be unlikely to be able to fund this first step in the short term, a potential fertile avenue to explore for funding is for the community to lobby their state and federal members and candidates.

How much will the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk cost?

Byron Shire Council has preliminary costings of $371,400 for Stage 1, $1,207,200 for Stage 2, and $150,600 for the connecting path from Stage 1 to the bridge over Marshalls Creek.  See this map for more detail.

How long is the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk?

Stage 1 from 150 Orana Rd to Bindaree Way is approximately 530 metres in length.  Stage 2 from the Ocean Shores Tavern to the Brunswick River Picnic Area near the Oyster Farm is approximately 900 metres long.

How will the boardwalk be constructed?

It is envisaged the boardwalk will be built on pre-cast concrete footings, supporting galvanised steel posts, FRP decking with timber handrails.  This design minimises impact on the enviroment and maximises longevity, durability and safety.

Will the boardwalk be fenced?

Yes.  For the safety of boardwalk users and to protect the sensitive wetlands environment the boardwalk will be fenced for its entire length.

Will the boardwalk be accessible to all?

Yes.  Because the route is largely level it is envisaged that the Marshalls Creek boardwalk and connecting pathways can meet Australian design standards for accessibility.

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