Marshalls Creek Boardwalk

A direct, flat, off-street walking and cycling connection linking Ocean Shores to New Brighton and Brunswick Heads


Something about it being healthy, encouraging people to walk or ride to the beach and shops rather than drive


Something about it being safe because the boardwalk is completely off-road and away from cars.


Something about it being sustainable, encouraging people to walk or ride to the beach and shops rather than drive

Why a boardwalk?

Ironically Ocean Shores is disconnected from the ocean shore. However you want to get to the beach you need to either walk or ride over steep hill. In many places such as Orana Rd there is no footpath or even a verge to walk or ride on. This means almost everyone in Ocean Shores gets in their car to go to the beach even though it’s only hundreds of metres away.

Similarly, residents of New Brighton and South Golden Beach are forced to drive to the Ocean Shores shopping centre even though it’s an easy cycling distance of under five kilometres.

The Proposal

Stage 1 of the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk will create a direct route from the Council-owned vacant lot at 150 Orana Rd to the eastern end of Bindaree Way. The path will then continue behind the shopping centre to the Ocean Shores Tavern. This will result in a safe, accessible off-road connection that avoids the steep hill over Yengarie Way and Orana Rd where there are no footpaths and often no verge.

Stage 2 of the Marshalls Creek Boardwalk will continue from the Ocean Shores Tavern along the western shore of Marshalls Creek to the Oyster farm on the Brunswick River, completing the connection to Brunswick Heads via the Oyster Lease Rd.

Route Maps

Detailed maps of the vegetation, topology and route proposals


Similar boardwalks through wetlands in NSW and Australia, including national parks.

Council Support

The Marshalls Creek Boardwalk has been a high priority project in Byron Shire Cocuncil’s active transport plan since 2019.

State and Federal Government Support

Tamara, Justine and Mandy reallty should support this totally excellent project

Detailed Mapping

Detailed mapping of the local topology, vegetation, soil types and land use.

Land Use

Existing lot boundaries and land use zoning.


Something about the vegetation types


Something about the soil types.


Something about the geology.

Get Involved

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